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Zahra Ayubi receives grant from Greenwall Foundation

Assistant Professor of Religion Zahra Ayubi has received a grant from the Greenwall Foundation’s Faculty Scholars Program in Bioethics to continue her research on the intersections of bioethics, gender, and religion within the context of Islam. She is one of four scholars from around the country to receive the award this year.

The Faculty Scholars Program provides financial support—half of a full-time faculty salary—for three years, but the benefits of the grant extend far beyond funding, Ayubi says. The program includes the opportunity to receive mentorship from senior scholars, participate in biannual conferences, and become part of the Greenwall Foundation’s larger community of bioethics researchers.

“The foundation is really interested in mentoring early- and mid-career researchers,” Ayubi says. “There’s a lot of support, and that’s exciting for me. At our home institutions, we exist in our own research silos, so being able to be plugged into a larger bioethics community is invaluable.”