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What Do Religion Majors Do?

Out of the 161 Religion major alumni that responded to a Career Services survey:

  • 29% (47 alums) are in the field of medicine. Of that group 7 held administrative positions. The rest were all practicing—not necessarily MDs, as there were chiropractors and psychologists in the lot. Most of them listed their job as "physician" but for the ones who didn't, the majority (5) were involved in the field of mental health, either psychologist, psychiatrist, or social worker.
  • 19% (30 alums) are in the field of education. Of those 30, 14 were administrative jobs such as dean or principal, and 16 were teaching jobs. Of the 16 teachers, 11 had further degrees, 4 of which were in divinity or theology.
  • 10.5% (17 alums) are lawyers.
  • 7% (11 alums) work for investment firms.
  • 4% (7 alums) have government jobs ranging from the US Embassy to the Alaska Fire Services.
  • Less than 3% (5 alums) are in each of the following fields or companies: advertising, airlines, banking, chemical, computing, consulting, self-employed authors, department stores, energy/power, food processing and distribution, hotels/resorts, insurance, law enforcement, military, pharmaceuticals, philanthropic organizations, public relations, publishing houses, and telecommunications. Those are the miscellaneous categories.
  • And finally, 4% (6 alums) in the ministry. They all had further degrees: 4 Masters of Divinity, 1 Master of Theology, and 1 Bachelor of Sacred Theology.

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