Past Fellows

Past Hardigg Fellows

Year Faculty Instructor(s) Hardigg Lecture Title Hardigg Fellow
2023 Christopher MacEvitt Unfinished Christians: Ritual Objects and Silent Subjects in Late Antiquity Georgia Frank, Colgate University
2022 Christopher MacEvitt Bad Faith: Why the Jews Aren't a Religion Daniel Boyarin, University of California, Berkeley
2020 Gil Raz Dunhuang: Buddhist Art at the Crossroads of Asia Michelle Wang, Georgetown University
2019 Gil Raz Filled with Meaning: Why do the Contents of East Asian Statues Matter? James Robson, Harvard University
2018 Gil Raz Prayer & Buddhism? Stephen F. Teiser, Princeton University
2017 Randall Balmer Torture and Christianity Elizabeth Castelli, Columbia University
2016 Reiko Ohnuma & Susan Ackerman Goddesses, Women, and Star Persona in Bollywood Film Kathleen Erndl, Florida State University
2015 A. Kevin Reinhart The Secular Bible: Biblical Scholarship and the University in the 19th Century Tomoko Mazuzawa, University of Michigan
2014 Ehud Benor The Elementary Forms of Religion in Modernity Nancy Levene, Yale University
2013 Reiko Ohnuma & Christopher MacEvitt A Site of Blessings, Dreams & Wonders: The Egyptian Saint's Shrine as Crucible of Christianization, ca. 400-700 CE David Frankfurter, William Goodwin Aurelio Chair Professor for the Appreciation of Scripture, Department of Religion, Boston University
2012 Reiko Ohnuma & Christopher MacEvitt Song, Experience, and the Book in Christian Monasticism Amy Hollywood, Harvard Divinity School
2011 Susannah Heschel & Nancy Frankenberry Job, God, and the Problem of Evil Susan Neiman, Einstein Forum in Potsdam, Germany
2010 Nancy Frankenberry Does the Study of Religion NEED Philosophy Robert Neville, Professor of Philosophy, Religion, and Theology, Boston University
2009 Nancy Frankenberry Religion as a Natural Phenomenon and the New Atheism Daniel C. Dennett, Co-Director, Center for Cognitive Studies
Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy
Tufts University
2008  Ehud Benor The Rebirth of Political Theology Mark Lilla, Professor of Humanities, Columbia University
2005 A. Kevin Reinhart   John Bowen, Washington University, Saint Louis
2005 A. Kevin Reinhart & Ehud Benor   Brian Cantwell Smith
2003 Nancy Frankenberry & A. Kevin Reinhart   Jose Casanova, New School
2001 Nancy Frankenberry & A. Kevin Reinhart   Pascal Boyer
2000 Nancy Frankenberry & A. Kevin Reinhart   Stewart Guthrie, Fordham University
1999 Nancy Frankenberry & Hans Penner Opulence and Faith in Twelfth Century France and China: The Abbey Church of St. Denis and the Temple of Universal Mercy Robert Gimello, University of Arizona