The Sperry Writing Prize in Religion

This prize for outstanding writing will be awarded on an annual basis for the best essay, body of essays, or research paper written for any course offered in any term by the Department of Religion. Up to three prizes per year will be awarded with the amount to be determined annually. Preference for this prize will be given to students who are not graduating seniors in the year under consideration. Established: June 2020.

Past Prizes

Recipients and Year

2019-2020 Academic Year

  • Dashiell W. Prince-Judd '23, for "American Indigenous Vision Quest," written for REL 7.09 Living With the Dead, in Winter 2020, nominated by Professor Vaughn Booker
  • Cecelia King '23, for "The Book of Ruth or the Myth of the Female Conversion?," written for REL 56 Women and the Bible, in Fall 2019, nominated by Professor Susan Ackerman
  • Rachel Gambee '21, for "Prophetic Dreams and the Emergence of the 'Dreamer Prophet,'" written for REL 80.10 Messengers of God, in Spring 2020, nominated by Professor Robert Baum