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  • Q&A with Religion Professor Devin Singh

    "From kung fu training in Thailand to poetry writing, Devin Singh, now beginning his second year at Dartmouth, is not your typical religion professor." Read an interview with Singh in the current issue of The Dartmouth.

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  • I Read, Therefore I Think

    In his feature article in the current issue of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Professor Devin Singh argues that including theology in the liberal arts curriculum helps prepare students to analyze and respond to the full scope of human experience in the world today.

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  • Is Donald Trump a Tyrant?

    In his OpEd piece for Time, "This is What Ancient Greeks Would Have Called Donald Trump,"  Devin Singh goes back to the ancient Greeks' definition of tyrannos and explores whether or not Donald Trump is a tyrant, and if he poses a "fundamental threat to American democracy."

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  • Market Faith in Anxious Times

    Coverage of market behavior, observes Professor Devin Singh in his OpEd article in the Huffington Post, has been "deeply tied to religion - and particularly the language of faith."

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  • "Speak Out Against Islamophobia"

    Professor Susannah Heschel spoke out his week at Boston University, urging students to counter anti-Islam bigotry in the wake of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's controversial call to bar Muslims from entering the country, reports The Boston Globe.

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Recent Publications

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  • Mormonism and American Politics

    Randall Balmer, Jana Riess

    Columbia University Press (December 2015)

  • "Performing, Representing, and Archiving Belief: Religious Expressions among Jazz Musicians"

    Vaughn A. Booker

    Religions 7 (8), 108 (2016)

  • "Shifting Boundaries: The Study of Islam in the Humanities"

    Zahra Ayubi, Ilyse R. Morgenstein

    The Muslinm World 106:4 (October 2016): 643-654

  • "I Read, Therefore I Think"

    Devin Singh

    Dartmouth Alumni Magazine (Sept.-Oct. 2016)