Foreign Study Program

The Religion program offers an expanded curriculum in the study of religion through its arrangement with New College of the University of Edinburgh. Also available is the opportunity to study with international eminent scholars who teach in this major Scottish university.


Dartmouth Faculty Director Course

Faculty Contact for Fall Term 2023: Professor Zahra Ayubi


REL 74.19 Islam in Diaspora: Colonial pasts and Decolonial Futures (pending approval)

This course takes advantage of being in Edinburgh: we will reflect on Scotland's history and location in the British Empire to inspire us to study colonial pasts of Muslim imperial subjects of the Empire [unit 1], how colonialism has shaped diasporic Muslim modernity [unit 2], and what decolonial futures might look like [unit 3]. The British and other European crowns colonized most of the world's Muslim population and that experience irrevocably changed Muslim beliefs and practices, and even Islamic theology on a global scale. We will critique colonialist orientalist frameworks of studying history and culture of Islam/Muslims while using interdisciplinary tools of Religious Studies as a field to propose new frameworks.

Many of the FSP excursions will be built into the course, some on a required and some on an optional basis to accommodate students' other University of Edinburgh course requirements. We will visit museums with Islamic art collected in the colonial period, Scottish mosques and their communities in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and even in the Scottish Highlands to look at urban and rural Islam in the UK, and to explore intersections with race, gender, and religious practice in Muslim diasporas.


About the Program

The program of study in Edinburgh consists of three courses: two courses chosen by each student from among those offered by the New College faculty. These courses are given the Dartmouth designations REL 70 and 71.  REL 74 is taught by the accompanying Dartmouth faculty member. All three courses are graded and then also recorded by the Registrar at Dartmouth College. REL 70, 71, and 74 count as intermediate courses when fulfilling the requirements for the religion major.

Pre-Requisite: At least one course in Religion, and applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.0.

Enrollment: Limited to 15 students

Program Dates: Alternating Fall terms (e.g., odd-years), September - December

Accommodations: Students live in residence facilities at the University of Edinburgh.


  • Religion 70 - Foreign Study in Religion I, taught by University of Edinburgh, New College Faculty
  • Religion 71 - Foreign Study in Religion II, taught by University of Edinburgh, New College Faculty
  • Religion XY - Taught by Dartmouth College Faculty Director