Past Honors Theses

Past Honors Theses

Year Student Name Thesis Title Advisor(s)
2023 Drew Whitley Last Words Speeches in the Hebrew Bible and Early Jewish Literature Professor Susan Ackerman
2023 Caris White Constructing and Contesting Legacies: Religion and the Gendered History of Abstract Art Professor Devin Singh
2023 Seth Weprin By bumper stickers and T-shirts : A re-examination of American spiritual expression in the 'New Age' Professor Shaul Magid
2022 Rachel T. Gambee "Humanae Vitae Revisited": Contraception, Ecclesiastical Authority and the Church's Reckoning with the Modern World Professor Timothy Baker
2022 Max A. Pumilia Navigating Errancy: Ismaili Perspectives on Dhimmis from the Fatimid Revolution to the Fall of Alamut Professor Christopher MacEvitt
2022 Evan B. Schafer Woe to You, Jerusalem: The Transmission and Reinterpretation of the Fil Agap Prophecy Profesor Christopher MacEvitt
2020 Tina Xinran Li Religion and Spirituality in 21st Century America: A Social Economic Analysis of Shifting Affiliations Professor Jeremy Sabella
2018 Kourtney Kawano Creating Worlds and Shaping Hawaiian Identity in Early and Contemporary Makahiki Rituals Professor A. Kevin Reinhart
2017 Eliza H. Rockefeller Enlightenment in a Female Body: The Creation of the Togdenma Lineage of Tibetan Buddhist Yoginis Professor Reiko Ohnuma


Olivia Morrison "The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen": The Challenge of Faith and Wrongful Conviction in Louisiana Penitentiaries Professor Robert Baum
2016 Samantha N. Smith Remaking the Cosmopolis in Zion: Early LDS Conceptions of God and Jacksonian Democracy Professor Randall Balmer
2014 Isha Flores Immanual Kant on theodicy : God, the Afterlife, and the Moral Life Professor Ronald M. Green
2014 Charlotte Morris Ritual, the Body, and the Brain: The Neural Correlates of the Catholic Rosary Professor A. Kevin Reinhart
2013 Rochele Brown Ongoing Evolution: Robert Bellah's Elements of Axial Religion in the Modern Secular United States Professor Nancy Frankenberry
2013 Theresa Ramponi Søren Kierkegaard's Psychology: Despair and Depression: The Dissolution of the Self in Modern Psychological Practice Professor Ronald M. Green
2012 Timothy Koeth Ethics and Morality in Kurt Vonnegut's Novels Professor Ronald M. Green
2012 Isabel Starr Murray Christian Love and the Pseudonymous Method: An Exploration of the Theological Import of Søren Kierkegaard's Authorship Professor Ronald M. Green
2012 Kurt W. Prescott "From Dan to Beersheba": Sacred Space in Ancient Israel Professor Susan Ackerman
2011 Stephen Amrhein Piety through Praxis: Muslim Women and Fundamentalism Professors A. Kevin Reinhart and Ehud Benor
2011 Kyrollos Wanees National Unity or Religious Persecution? The Coptic Question in Egyptian Politics Professors M. Anne Sa'adah and A. Kevin Reinhart
2011 Sarah Veeck God's Medicine: Healing and Conversion to the True Jesus Church Professor Gil Raz
2010 William Roth On Shari'ah:  Virtue, Vice and the Law in Post-Colonial States Professor A. Kevin Reinhart
2010 Alexander R. Lloyd Religion in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Professor Ronald M. Green

2009 Ray Padgett Jesus Rocks My Soul: Contemporary Christian Music and the Evangelical Consumer not listed
2009 Dierre D. Upshaw Fleecing the Flock?  A History of Religious Fundraising in the United States and the Tax Exemption Debate Professor Ronald M. Green
2009 Georgina Hastings Emerson St. James and the Integration of Spain into Latin Christendom Professor Christopher MacEvitt
2009 Damaris Y. Walker Meeting the Demands of Fair and Body: Black Gay Religious Identity in the United States Profesor Clarence Hardy
2009 Peter Francis Kitlas Greek Identity in Medieval Crete: A Discussion of the Religious and Cultural Exchange in the Countryside Professor Christopher MacEvitt
2009 John A. Zaleski Reconciling Poverty and Obedience in the 1320s: The Sanctoral Sermons of Bertrand de la Tour, O.F.M. not listed
2008 Angela M. Libby Progress and Tradition, Strength and Submission:  Nineteenth-Century Evangelical Feminism Professor Susan Ackerman
2008 Timothy M. Baker Oshaya Began Thus: Wisdom, Logos, and Torah in Bereshit Rabbah 1.1 Professor Ehud Benor
2007 Julia Frances Bernstein Sacred Space in Secular Conflicts: Religion's Role in Modern Debates over Holy Sites Professors Ehud Benor and Reiko Ohnuma
2007 Rebekah M. Junkermeier Judas Iscariot: Worst Friend or Best Betrayer ?  A Study of the Gospel of Judas Professor Susan Ackerman
2007 Harry Huberty The Life of the World to Come: Roman Catholic Church Doctrine and the Personal Heavens of America's Roman Catholics Professors Susan Ackerman and J. Edward Wright
2007 Benjamin Selznick There's Something Happening Here:  Esalen and Secular Spirituality in America Professor Clarence Hardy
2007 Vaughn A. Booker, Jr. We're "Free at Last" to "Name it and Claim it"?  Social Justice, Economic Empowerment, and the Prosperity Gospel in the Black Megachurch Phenomenon Professor Clarence Hardy
2007 Benjamin D. Cox Gathered to Their Fathers:  Reconstructing the Folk Deathways of Iron Age Israel Professor Susan Ackerman
2006 Willa Rose Forkner Johnson Tawhid and its Challenge to Christianity: The Early Muslim-Christian Debate over Monotheism Professors A. Kevin Reinhart and Christopher MacEvitt
2006 Charlotte Sadler Catholic Teachings Revisited: A Casuist Study of the End-of-Life Care of Terri Schiavo and Pope John Paul II Professor Mary Jo Iozzio
2006 Dale J. Correa Women in Islamic Ritual: The Imamah Controversy Professor A. Kevin Reinhart
2005 S. Luke Blair Modernism and Protestant Fundamentalism: The Quest for "Authenticity" in a Chaotic World Professor Ehud Benor
2005 Torivio A. Fodder Faith and Culture: The Construction of Religious Identity among the Plains Native Americans of Oklahoma Professor Clarence Hardy
2005 Emma W. Sloan There's Something About Mary: Interpretations of Mary Magdelene in Modernity Professor Susan Ackerman
2005 James R. Young, Jr. Getting Caught Up in the Clouds: Exploring the Christian Doctrine of the Rapture Professor Susan Ackerman
2004 Esther Mihindu The Status of Women in the Ancient Israelite Monarchy Professor Susan Ackerman
2004 Frederica Ghesquiere Christian Responses to the Environmental Crisis: A Typology Professor Ronald M. Green
2004 Rachel Bender Hanukkah and the Maccabees: Historical Questions of Jewish Identity Professors Susannah Heschel and Ehud Benor
2003 Lauren S. Foley Christianity and Same-Sex Marriage: Exploring Theology and Ritual Professor Ronald M. Green
2003 Jonathan H. Eisenman The Evolution of a Debate: Opposition to Darwinism in the United States Professor Ronald M. Green
2003 Mirte B. Mallory Becoming Ferenc Berko: Modernism, Jewish Identity, and Photography Professor Ronald M. Green
2002 Karen M. Hart Building the New Israel: Childrearing in the Twelve Tribes Professor Ronald M. Green
2002 Bejamin D. Herson The Who's Who of the End of the World: The Roles of the Key Figures in Three First Century CE Eschatologies Professor Susan Ackerman
2001 Lara Belkin Re-thinking Divine Androgyne: The Use of Gender in Theosophic Kabbalah Professor Ehud Benor
2001 Luke Gonzales Arriving in America: Mind, Body, and the American Perceptual Disorder Professor Darryl V. Caterine
2001 Chris Hummel The Roman Catholic Church and Croatian Nationalism: The Life of Archbishop Stepinac not listed
2001 Elizabeth McGarvey Soren Kierkegaard: A Vision of the Christian Life and Community Professor Ronald M. Green
2001 Alexandra Meise The Myth of Yugoslavian Identity: How Imagined Identities Fuelled Nationalism in the Former Yugoslavia Professor A. Kevin Reinhart
2000 Greg Baker The Beginnings of the End: An Examination of Potential Foreign and Indigenous Influences on the Origins of Jewish Apocalypticism in the Hellenistic Period Professor Susan Ackerman
2000 Byan Coyne Apophatic Anthropology: Negative Theology and Human Subjectivity in Late Antiquity Professor Amy Hollywood
2000 Leslie Cushner Rethinking Turner's Communitas: A re-reading of Victor Turner in light of Sartre and Buber Professor Ehud Benor
2000 Susi Kandel This One Shall Be Called Woman: Representations of Female Sexuality in Genesis Professor Susan Ackerman
1999 Gabriel J. Levy Lubavitch: A Mystical Ethic Within its Religious Matrix Professor Ehud Benor
1999 Ross M. Wilken Double-Barreled Religious Experience: Jonathan Edwards, Willaim James, and Religious Affections Professor Nancy Frankenberry
1998 Ben A. Cooperberg Disputed Sacred Space: Conflict Over Jerusalem Professors A. Kevin Reinhart and Ehud Benor
1998 Philip J. Glasser The Meaning of Messiah: An Examination of Anointing in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East not listed
1998 Molli J. Hamermesh A Scapegoat for Secularization: Representations of the Jew as Parvenu in Early Twentieth-Century Literature not listed
1998 Peter T. Lanfer Traditions of Biblical Interpretation in Apocalyptic Judaism and Early Christianity not listed
1998 Jennifer D. Molinar A Faith in Someone Else's Faith: Justification and Belief in Contemporary Foundationalism, Pragmatism and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints not listed
1997 Theresa M. Ellis A Kiss Which Was Something More Than a Peck: Kierkegaard's Embrace of Romantic and Erotic Love in his Pseudonymous and Religious Writings Professor Ronald M. Green
1996 Michelle Meyer Can This Marriage Be Saved? - The Search for a Successful Union of Early and Later Ethical Themes in Jean-Paul Sartre's Existentialism not listed
1995 Gretchen Ann Freeman Facing Mount Kenya? - A Discussion of Changing Indigenous Religions of the Gikuyu and Tiriki Peoples Professor Hans H. Penner
1995 Nicole Reboe From Whence the Water Flows: An Analysis of the Initiation Ritual of the Sande Secret Society Professor Ifi Amadiume
1995 Barbara L. Seniawski Islam as Discourse - Capturing Diversity and Affirming Unity  
1995 Andrea Hill Useem Sacred History at the Smithsonian: Veterans, Historians, and the Politics of Memory  
1995 Blake Wentworth Religious Violence and the Quest for Meaning Professor Hans H. Penner
1994 Kimberly Blanchard With One Heart and One Mind - The Messianic Communities as a Case Study in New Religious Movements Kimberly Blanchard
1994 Elizabeth Goldstein Theological Constructions of the Jewish Woman:An Analysis of the Relationship Between Female Sexuality and the Laws of Family Purity  
1994 Derek C. West Order Out of Chaos : The Cosmological Argument, Process Philosophy, and Chaos Theory  
1993 Betsy Barth Breaking with Tradition - A New Look at Biblical Women  
1993 Kamran Pasha Joseph as a Religious Hero - A Comparative Study of Jewish and Muslim Exegesis  
1991 William O. Brant Dying the Great Death: Existential Analyses of Early Ch'an Buddhist Texts - An Examination of the Content and Function of 'The Platform Sutra of the sixth Patriarch' and the 'Mumonkan' through the lens of the Existentialism of Martin Heidegger and Rudolf Bultmann  
1991 Barry Hurwitz Determinism and Indeterminism: Implications for Human Freedom and Responsibility  
1991 J. Kenneth Joung The Modal Ontological Argument of Charles Hartshorne  
1991 Michael Lazar The Process of Becoming an Authentic Self: A presentation and Discussion of Soren Kierkegaard's Stages of Human Existence and their Role in the Project of Christian Self-Becoming  
1990 Robin Farina Maternal Responsibility and its Ethical and Legal Ramifications  
1990 Diane Fisk Bray Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary... An Examination of the Historical Development of Mariology Diane Fisk Bray
1990 Mario Fantini-Cepedes Monsignor Jose María Escrivá and the Opus Dei,"The Work of God"  
1990 Andrew Harris Zen Buddhism as a Technology of the Self - An Investigation of the Relations Between Language, Belief, and Experience  
1990 David Klaus Moralistic Legislation in a Morally Pluralistic Society: The Problem of Sodomy Laws in the United States  
1989 A. Michael Gildersleeve Apparently Irrational Beliefs and Their Interpretations A. Michael Gildersleeve
1989 Sharyl Hirsh The Closed Mythological System of the Ancient Near East: A Structuralist Interpretation of the Mesopotamian and Biblical Primeval Histories  
1989 Kara Kelly A Comparative Study of Death Rituals and Mourning Customs in Contemporary Greece and China  
1989 Robin MacDonald Apparently Irrational Beliefs and their Interpretations Professor Hans H. Penner
1988 Jevin Seth Eagle Jewish Students at Dartmouth College: A Study of Third and Fourth Generation American Jews Jevin Seth Eagle
1988 Deborah Lynn Hanney Other Sheep: Non-Christians in Christian Theology  
1988 Joon P. Hong Religious Developments in the Hellenistic World:The Encounter Between Egyptian and Greek Religious Systems  
1987 Lindsay Bridges As Verily as God is Our Father as Verily is God our Mother: Two Case Studies of Feminine Naming for God in Christianity  
1986 Mary Beckman The Search for the Historical Jesus: The Relationship of History and Theology  
1986 Laurence Chang Religion in Politics: An Essay at Conceptualizing Religion's Role in the Political Sphere  
1986 Elizabeth Crawford Brevard Childs and the Servant of the Lord: An Analysis of Canonical Criticism  
1986 Jennifer Kerns Julius Wellhausen and the Development of the Documentary Hypothesis  
1986 David C. Linehan God, Omnipotence and the Defective Newborn:Using Theodicy in Ethical Analysis  
1986 M. Ian Smith Christian Creation in a Darwinian Age: An Examination of the Creation Theologies of John Cobb and Langdon Gilkey  
1985  Michael J. Ferris Protestant Liberalism and Catholic Modernism:The Nineteenth Century Defense of Faith and Culture  
1985 Adam Seessel Radical Disquiet: A Dialectical Inquiry into Soren Kierkegaard's and Walker Percy's Insights into the Hyper-Rationality of Western Man  
1984 Stephen Cho From Being to Ereignis the Path of Eigentlichkeit  
1984 Erin Foley The Ethical Implications of Advancing Neonatal Technology: Spina-Bifida - A Case Study  
1984 Sarah LaBudde Quaestiones Disputatae: Revelation, Kerygma, and Dogma In the Thought of Karl Barth and Karl Rahner  
1984 Deborah Schupack Albert Camus and Existentialism  
1984 Sarah Strauss Navajo Religion: The Mythological Basis for Medicine and Morality  
1984 Brad Weiss Social Structures and Religious Systems  
1983 Gary Apfel Moses as Folk Hero  
1983 Amy Bloch The Problem of Abortion  
1983 Joel Hubbard The Theology of Christian Perfection as Expressed by the Reverend John Wesley  
1983 Kennth Lehman On Meaning and Symbolism  
1983 Raymond Patterson The Marian Implications of the Protevangelium of James  
1982 Steven Levitan A Study of the Sephardic Community in New York City  
1982 Carol Mason Scientific and Ethical Implications of in vitro Fertilization Carol G. Mason
1981 W. Thomas Booher The Founding of the Disciples of Christ  
1981 Joan Danziger Dostoevsky and the Meaning of Life - A Study in The Brothers Karamazov  
1981 Lynn Peterson The Oneida Community  
1980 Dennis Biggie The Theology of George Berkeley  
1980 Theodore Blaisdell Schleiermacher on Protestantism and Kant  
1980 Leilani Crane The Figure of Krishna in Hinduism  
1980 John Dolan Just War, Just Occupation, and the Case of Israel: A Moral Theory with an Illustrative Application John Vincent Dolan
1980 Joel Getzendanner The Historical Jesus in the Work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer  
1980 Peter Hutchins Predestination in the Thought of Augustine and Aquinas  
1980 Edith Marie Keating The Problem of Abortion  
1980 Eric Ziolkowski Max Weber's Conception of the Transformation of Religious Ideas into Secular Action  
1979 Judith Copeland Structural Analysis and the Ugaritic Myths Judith Copeland
1979 Alistair Jessiman The Framework of Meaning: Synchrony and Diachrony in the Structural Anthropology of Claude Levi-Strauss  
1977 John Harrington The Virgin Mary in Mexican Culture  
1977 Stephen Rappaport An Analysis of Freud's View of Religion Considering his Conception of Reason as the Prefecting Characteristic in Man  
1976 Mark P. Muth Whitehead's Theory of Mind  
1975 Donald L. Drakeman The Theology of the Jesus Movement