Faculty Search: Assistant Professor of Religion

Dartmouth College Department of Religion invites applications for a tenure-track appointment at the Assistant Professor level beginning Fall 2015 in the fields of Modern Religious Thought, and/or Religious Ethics, and/or Philosophy and Religion. While the precise area of specialization is open, the successful candidate will be expected to have expertise in some area of modern religious thought, religious ethics, the philosophy of religion, and the related literatures in light of the intellectual, cultural, and social challenges posed by modernity, modernization, globalization, and post-modernity. The successful candidate will also be expected to demonstrate scholarly conversance in at least one religious tradition, in order to ground his or her work within the study of religion. Finally, the successful candidate will be expected to teach a broad range of introductory, intermediate-level, and advanced courses within the fields of modern religious thought, religious ethics, and the philosophy of religion, while participating as well in the teaching of courses in the Department’s core curriculum, including an introduction to religion and a senior-level culminating experience.

"Brittany Maynard was courageous and right"

In an opinion piece for CNNOpinion, Professor Ronald M. Green declares his "strong support...for Brittany Maynard's impassioned efforts to to expand everyone's access to physician-assisted suicide. It is tragic that she died so young, but her life has made an important contribution to us all." Maynard was a 29-year-old with terminal brain cancer who ended her life today, November 3, 2014.

Professor Randall Balmer on child immigrants

"The masses huddled at our southern border represent a humanitarian crisis as well as a formidable political conundrum, especially during a time of partisan rancor, a hobbled president and a dysfunctional Congress. Should these youthful immigrants be considered intruders or refugees? Will massive deportation solve the crisis and discourage others from attempting such a hazardous and uncertain journey? Is a return to violence and gang-infested nations akin to turning away Jewish refugees from the horrors of Nazi Germany? Finally, and most fundamentally, are Americans prepared to welcome foreigners at our southern borders as the Israelites were enjoined to welcome strangers and as Jesus called on his followers to show hospitality to 'the least of these'?" comments Professor Randall Balmer in his opinion piece in the Sunday, August 3, Valley News.

Professor Ronald M. Green on physician-assisted suicide

"There has been such monolithic opposition to assisted suicide from Christianity. To see this monolithic wall crack a little bit, from such a respected figure as Bishop Tutu, in particular, I think that it will reinforce the moral reasons that have come forth," says Professor Ronald Green in a forthcoming Lancet Oncology story about the debate in the United Kingdom to legalize physician-assisted suicide.

Professor Susan Ackerman '80 on the Phenomenon of Religion

Susan Ackerman ’80, the Preston H. Kelsey Professor of Religion, is also a professor of Jewish studies and of women’s and gender studies and the author of three books about the religions of ancient Israel. She recently spoke with Dartmouth Now about her work, her taste in mysteries, and what about her surprises people.

Professor Susannah Heschel elected to ASSR

Professor Susannah Heschel has been elected to the American Society for the Study of Religions (ASSR). Established in 1959, this is an interdisciplinary group of about 100 members who are chosen on the basis of their scholarly accomplishments, their comparative interests, and their collegiality with peers.

"Quote of the Day"

Dartmouth Now chose a quote from Professor Randall Balmer's Valley News op-ed article, "Why I Testified for Fred Phelps" as its "Quote of the Day": "I remember Phelps for having confronted me with an ethical dilemma that haunts me to this day," says Professor Randall Balmer about the notorious pastor Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas.

Welcome Professor Robert Baum

Professor Robert Baum was featured in a recent Dartmouth Now article highlighing some of the new scholars who have joined Dartmouth's faculty this academic year. Professor Baum has a joint appointment with the Religion Department and the African and African-American Studies program, specializing in African religions. Professor Baum is completing a book on the history of Diola women's prophetic movements.