Nancy K. Frankenberry

Academic Appointments

John Phillips Professor in Religion, Emeritus

A specialist in philosophy of religion, Nancy Frankenberry received her Ph.D with distinction from the Graduate Theological Union in conjunction with the University of California-Berkeley with a dissertation on Whitehead, under the direction of Bernard M. Loomer. She is a recipient of the Dartmouth Award for Distinguished Creative or Scholarly Achievement, and of a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship. She has served as Chair of the Department of Religion as well as Co-Chair of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Dartmouth. Frankenberry is the author or editor/co-editor of five books, Religion and Radical Empiricism (1987), Interpreting Neville (1999), Language, Truth, and Religious Belief (1999), Radical Interpretation in Religion (2002), and The Faith of Scientists: In Their Own Words (2008), and has published or in press over sixty journal articles, book chapters, and critical reviews. She is currently working on a book about American pragmatism and religious belief, and planning another on great issues in science and religion. For the 2015-16 academic year she will be a Senior Fellow at the Martin Marty Center for the Advanced Study of Religion at the University of Chicago.

Curriculum Vitae
HB 6036
Ph.D. Graduate Theological Union/University of California-Berkeley, 1997

Selected publications

Recent work consists of a series of 5 papers in the general area of religious epistemology:

“Naturalism, Ineffability Claims, and Symbolic Meanings,” in The Question of  Methodological Naturalism, edited by Jason N. Blum. Leiden: E. J. Brill Academic Publishers, forthcoming.

“The Fate of Radical Empiricism and the Future of Pragmatic Naturalism,” in Pragmatism, Naturalism, and Religion, edited by Matthew C. Bagger. Columbia University Press, forthcoming.

“Contingency All the Way Down: Whitehead Among the Pragmatists,” in Thinking with Whitehead and the American Pragmatists: Experience and Reality, edited by Brian G. Henning, W. Meyers, and J. John. Lexington Books Imprint/Rowman & Littlefield Press, 2015, pp. 97-111.

“The Study of Religion After Davidson and Rorty,” American Journal of Theology and Philosophy, Vol. 35, No. 3 (September 2014), pp. 195-210.

“The Vagaries of Religious Experience: David Griffin’s Reenchantment in Light of Constructivism and Attribution Theory,” in Reason and Reenchantment: The Philosophical, Religious, and Political Thought of David Ray Griffin, edited by John B. Cobb, Jr., Richard A. Falk, and Catherine Keller. Claremont, CA: Process Century Press, 2013, pp. 111-129, end notes 370-374.