J. Edward Wright

Visiting Professor

J. Edward Wright is returning again this Spring Term! Professor Wright has been a distinguished visiting professor at Dartmouth over the years since 2006, and has consistently received student praise for quality teaching, great lectures, guided discussions, mentorship, and being available outside of class. He is Professor of Hebrew Bible and Early Judaism at the University of Arizona and serves as the Director of the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies. Professor Wright's area of expertise is early Jewish history and religion, with particular interest in early Jewish apocryphal texts. These texts shed light on the non-traditional aspects of early Jewish thought and culture, and through his research, he hopes to depict more accurately the rich diversity of Early Judaism. He has written many scholarly and popular articles and is the author or editor of six scholarly volumes: The Early History of Heaven (Oxford University Press, 2000), which traces the origin and development of the images of the heavenly realm in the ancient Near East and early Judaism and Christianity; Baruch ben Neriah: From Biblical Scribe to Apocalyptic Seer (University of South Carolina Press, 2003), which examines the evolution of a biblical figure whose legacy grew from that of a scribe who edited or wrote the Book of Jeremiah to that of an inspired sage who was granted a tour of heaven itself; The House that Albright Built; Echoes of Many Texts: Reflections on Jewish and Christian Traditions - Essays in Honor of Lou H. Silberman (Scholars Press, 1997); Confronting the Past: Archaeological and Historical Essays in Honor of William G. Dever (Eisenbrauns, 2006); and The Bible in Archaeology and History (Baylor University Press, 2017).

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313 Thornton Hall
HB 6036


  • Th.B. Multnomah University, 1980
  • M.A. Western Seminary, 1982
  • M.A. Brandeis University, 1987
  • Ph.D. Brandeis University, 1992

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