"Dartmouth is truly a special place"

At a recent celebration of Dartmouth's 250th anniversary celebration and Call to Lead campaign, Lacey Jones '16 and Religion Professor Randall Balmer discussed their collaboration on Prof. Balmer's television documentary exploring the relationship between the Orthodox Church and Alaska Natives. Lacey Jones was the lead researcher for the documentary, which is in production. "The experience introduced me to the importance of archival research. It taught me how to write in a different genre, because writing a documentary is so different from writing academic discourse," said Jones. "I've just begun my Ph.D. at Yale, and I'm seeing firsthand how exceptional it is for Dartmouth students to have the kind of opportunities that would only go to grad students at any other school. I'm thinking especially of how grateful I am for faculty like Professor Balmer and Professor Andew McCann in the English Department, who - not to be over-dramatic - made it possible for me to think and to live. Dartmouth is truly a special place." Read more here.