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  • New Religion Faculty

    Among the thirty-six scholars who joined the Dartmouth faculty in 2016 are two new Religion professors: Zahra Ayubi and Devin Singh. Read more about them in Dartmouth Now (click title to get to link).

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  • Commencement Weekend Reception

    To honor the graduating majors and minors of the Department of Religion, the faculty are holding a commencement reception on Saturday, June 11, 2016, from 4:30-6:30pm, in 209 and 210 Thornton Hall. The Department's annual prizes are also given out at this event.

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  • Daoist Ritual and Practice

    The exhibit “Daoist Ritual and Practice” at Baker-Berry Library Main Street, curated by Professor Gil Raz, explores religious interactions in traditional and modern China and will be on display at the library from April 11 through June 24, 2016.

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  • Gender Gap: Why Are Women More Religious?

    Religion professors Zahra Ayubi and Randall Balmer were guests on New Hampshire Public Radio's Exchange program, commenting on a new study by the Pew Memorial Trust that finds that Americans - especially American women - tend to be more religious than people in other developed countries.

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  • Spring Gelato Event!

    The Religion Department invited prospective majors and minors to celebrate Spring, explore the Religion major and minor, and enjoy free gelato on Wednesday, March 30, on the Thornton Hall front lawn. Read alumni stories on our website under "Undergraduate - Career Information."

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  • Grassley, Ayotte and the Burden of History

    By vowing to block any Supreme Court nominee the president sends to Congress, N.H. Senator Kelly Ayotte and fellow Republicans are reinforcing the partisan gridlock that has paralyzed the nation for more than a decade, argues Randall Balmer in his opinion piece in the Valley News.

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  • Is Donald Trump a Tyrant?

    In his OpEd piece for Time, "This is What Ancient Greeks Would Have Called Donald Trump,"  Devin Singh goes back to the ancient Greeks' definition of tyrannos and explores whether or not Donald Trump is a tyrant, and if he poses a "fundamental threat to American democracy."

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  • Market Faith in Anxious Times

    Coverage of market behavior, observes Professor Devin Singh in his OpEd article in the Huffington Post, has been "deeply tied to religion - and particularly the language of faith."

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  • "Speak Out Against Islamophobia"

    Professor Susannah Heschel spoke out his week at Boston University, urging students to counter anti-Islam bigotry in the wake of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's controversial call to bar Muslims from entering the country, reports The Boston Globe.

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Recent Publications

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  • Mormonism and American Politics

    Randall Balmer, Jana Riess

    Columbia University Press (December 2015)

  • "Eusebius as Political Theologian: The Legend Continues"

    Devin Singh

    Harvard Theological Review 108:1 (2015): 129-154

  • "The Slippery Yet Tenacious Nature of Racism: New Developments in Critical Race Theory and Their Implications ...."

    Susannah Heschel

    Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 35:1 (Spring/Summer 2015): 3-27

  • West Africa's Women of God

    Robert M. Baum

    Indiana University Press (November, 2015)