REL 8  Introduction to Islam (Identical to MES 6.02)
REL 9 Hinduism (Identical to ASCL 51.01)
REL 10 The Religions of China (Identical to ASCL 61.01)
REL 14 Introduction to African Religions (Identical to AAAS 18)
REL 16 Modern Islam (Identical to ASCL 51.03)
REL 18 Indian Buddhism (Identical to ASCL 51.03)
REL 19.30  Islam and Medicine from the Medieval to the Modern Eras
REL 19.31  Religions of Japan
REL 19.32  Shinto: Foundations, Festivals, and Fox Shrines
REL 19.34  Disease and Desire in Medieval Islam
REL 19.35  Magic, Miracles, and the Prophet Mohammed

REL 20.05 What is Religion?
REL 20.06  Shamanism: The Agony and the Ecstasy
REL 25 Islamic Mysticism (Sufism)
REL 27 The Qur'an and the Prophet
REL 28.02 The Islam of Morocco
REL 28.03 Transnational Muslim Feminisms: History, Religion, Praxis (Identical to WGSS 41.04)
REL 28.04 Gender in Islam (Identical to WGSS 43.06)
REL 28.05 Shi'i Islam
REL 32.01 Christianity in Korea ((Identical to ASCL 64.04 & HIST 78)
REL 40.01 Gods, Demons, and Monkeys: The Ramayana Epic of India
REL 40.07 Hindus and Muslims in India
REL 41.01 Mahayana Buddhist Texts
REL 41.02 Buddhism and Film (Identical to FILM 47.22)
REL 41.03 The Struggle for Liberation: Women, Monasticism & Buddhism (Identical to WGSS 44.07)
REL 41.04 Buddhist Meditation Theory (Identical to ASCL 70.20)
REL 41.05 Tibetan Buddhism (Identical to ASCL 51.04)
REL 41.06 Buddhism in Korea and Japan: From Tribute Missions to Temple Tourism
REL 42 Goddesses of India (Identical to WGSS 43.04)
REL 46 Daoism: Transformations of Tradition
REL 47 Buddhism in China
REL 48 Body and Sex in Chinese Religions (Identical to WGSS 43.05)
REL 49.01 Apocalyptic Thought
REL 55 Ancient Egyptian Religion
REL 66 Women, Religion, and Social Change in Africa (Identical to AAAS 42 & WGSS 44.03)
REL 74.15 African Religions, Health, and Healing Traditions (Identical to AAAS 91.03)
REL 80.06 The Creation of "Buddhism"