Jennifer Darling

Alumni Stories: Jennifer Darling '02

When I entered Dartmouth, I thought I was going to be an Engineering Physics major and go on to live the life of, well, Dilbert.  But being in an academic environment like Dartmouth changed my perspective.  I realized that if I only pursued the academic areas in which I was already skilled, I would become too linear a thinker and ultimately, too one dimensional a person.  I began complementing my math and science studies with a variety of other courses (Art History, History, Psychology, Economics) until I discovered Religion 11 (Religion and Morality with Professor Green) my sophomore winter. The first book we read was Fear and Trembling and it changed me as a person.  In addition to triggering an existential crisis, I finally felt that I had found an academic course of study that gave me what I was craving -- something that was intellectually stimulating, that expanded my perspective as a human being, and that exposed to classmates I didn't meet in my normal social circle, but who had a profound impact on how I thought about the world.  This was the kind of book I wanted to read to in college.  This is the challenge I wanted. Now that I'm 15 years out of Dartmouth, it's a decis