Joseph Leonardo Vignone

Academic Appointments


Joseph Leonardo Vignone is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at Harvard University. His research focuses on the medical practices promoted by Arabic ethical literature between 900 and 1400 as they relate to the enhancement of Muslim scholars’ intellectual capacities. His wider interests include medieval models of contagion, historical certainty in Islamic prophetic tradition, Islamic genders and sexualities, and the depiction of Islam in video games. 

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Winter Term 2019 Courses:

     REL 8, Introduction to Islam

     REL 19.xx, Islam and Medicine

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Curriculum Vitae
B.A. Fordham University Lincoln Center
M.T.S. Harvard Divinity School
A.M. Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Ph.D. (pending) Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences